The evening started with a party at The Gemini in Lake Oswego where a bunch of music therapists got together and said things like, “OMG, have you heard the latest Deathcab for Cutie song? It’s perfect for my Wednesday psych group!” “I know, right? But what do you do with that diminished d flat chord?”

And, “Hey, Angie, did you remember the dream that caused you to vomit in your mouth yet?” “Yes! Dr. Thaut was forcing me to use the autoharp for my Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation case study.”

And, finally, “So, I know you’re a board-certified music therapist, but do you also call yourself a Certified Neurologic Music Therapist or drop the certified for the second title? And do you put NMT on your list of fancy credentials and hey, did you read the latest TIMP study? It was amazing!”

If you were a fly on this wall, I’m sure you would have fallen asleep and dropped to the floor, but don’t worry, you would have been saved by the amazing cupcakes Emily M. brought, courtesy of her fabulous mother-in-law. I typically avoid making eye contact with cupcakes since it would make me sick to eat them, but maybe I can start enjoying all these dairy delectables vicariously. Please eat something delicious and share it with me, friends. And send pictures with play by play bites, being careful to eat it messily so the incredibly moist frosting smears all over your mouth. Then I’ll share a picture of me eating green beans and pears. It’ll be amazing…but back to The Gemini.

I like the Gemini. The server was in much better spirits than last time a group of neurologic music therapy geeks stopped by, they have pool, they have lots of televisions and a giant one in the back that they actually turn off when musicians are on stage. I performed there before for a John Lennon Tribute Concert – it was an unforgettable night because I had the opportunity to debut my mad accordion playing skills during ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. I played for the first eight measures before putting an end to the torture and hopping back on the piano! The stage at The Gemni is big and cozy and I had a great time performing there.

The party ended with Every Other Day Portland blogtalk & it was determined that a double date would happen on Thursday at Hawthorne Theatre’s burlesque show. Stay tuned for this experiment. So I left my colleagues for my date in Northeast Portland.

Rumor had it that my date really likes women in yoga pants, so yoga pants I wore. Personally, I don’t really think they’re that sexy, but then again I associate them with 90 minutes of sweating my ass off. So we met at The Bye and Bye on NE Alberta. I love this place – spacious and colorful and full or cool art and there are vegan menu options. Yum. My BFF, Dawn D. (not to be confused with Dawn I. from Justin’s night) and I used to hang on Alberta Street all the time and even wrote this song together The Dawn Song, so it was nice go back and see that its just as cool!

Next, we headed over to Curious Comedy Theater without nearly enough clothing wrapped around us. It’s cold out there! My step-sister, Dawn A., not to be confused with Dawn D. or Dawn I., did stand-up comedy here before and said it was a fun place. We had a hard time finding the door even though they’re on MLK…so we made a few u-turns, then walked into the pizza parlor instead of the comedy club. Fortunately, this tenacious duo conquered all and found seats  awaiting us. It was cold because they were trying to save money because hardly anyone bought drinks, but the word on the street is that this place makes a mean Panini sandwich. The host, Gabe Dinger, was funny and sweet and super upbeat…and I think he mentioned once or twice how tired he was? But seriously, his job looks incredibly challenging and he was fantastic. And there were some really funny people that hopped on stage…including the bartender. I was impressed by their bravery and the respectful support of all the audience members. The woman (Virginia, I think) who did the lighting hopped on stage and compared Riot Grrrls to Destiny’s Child. She was funny and has some cool plan that involves music that I don’t completely understand because I’m not hip with the haps. It turns out that its really helpful to be caught up on current events – there were so many things that I almost got but didn’t, but people were still funny despite my ignorance! The date itself was fantastic and complicated and fantastically complicated and fantastic. And complicated. It ended well. The end.